Welcome to the personal home page of Perrin Meyer, Sharon Eberhardt, Dmitri (ДМИТРИЙ) and Nadezhda (Надежда) (Nadia). [2]

3 August 2021 ProSoundWeb.com has a nice article on the history of Meyer Sound. (local PDF). I think I once heard a San Francisco Blues festival using JM-3's...

18 July 2021 Sharon's amazing new play The Mark of the Minotaur is now available on streaming video in case you missed the "live" zoom performance.

31 October 2020 An awesome outdoor Halloween movie night! Fun and Social Distancing! Thanks to Jon and Kyrsten as co-hosts. Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic Pic
24 October 2020 I'm proud to have provided sound for the NYC RuckUS 2020 Get Out the Vote Drive. Organized by my good friend Sarah Valentine, and including Laurie Anderson!
4 April 2020 The Month The Earth Stood Still. A recent Italian paper on the horrible Covid-19 outbreak in Italy references my 20yo work on Bi-Logistic Growth and LogletLab (with my fantastic collaborators J. Ausubel and J. Yung at PHE (Rockefeller University). I hope the curve is flattening, and there is a vaccine soon. 15 August 2021. A Russian professor of Theoretical Physics (Dr. Postnikov) has also been using LogletLab to analyize Covid-19 data. ((April 2020) (May 2020)) I really hope there is not a 2022 update to this post...
25 October 2018 Perrin is honored to have played a small part in the amazing new Doug Hall sound art piece "Wittgenstein's Garden", which recently opened (finally...) at the stunning Oliver Ranch. Sound designers Jim McKee and Jeremiah Moore did an extrodinary nuanced job recording the SF Girls Chorus and then creating an outdoor spatialized mix. I believe it will be the new standard for which sound art pieces are critiqued. Leah Garchik has a nice description of the opening walkthrough. (local copy wg.pdf)

10 August 2017 A New York Times article on the Hyperloop mentions a paper I co-authored at The Rockefeller University twenty years ago... ( local ).

17 July 2017 The Tank gets written up in the New Yorker! (I'm glad I could help out with a donation of speakers!). (local copy nytank.pdf).

November 2016 Greg Niemeyer's Tsar bell project is mentioned in Pacifc Standard.(local).

20 December 2015 Meyer family lights make Berkeleyside. 2016 update: Amazing KRON Drone footage of the Meyer family lights.

8 October 2015 Congratulations to Archana Horsting (and Kala) for getting the Wheeler Award.

21 September 2015 We Must Make Nature Worthless.

11 September 2015 meyer sound at burning man in a
rocket car :-)

3 June 2015 The East Bay Express covers the awesome Deconstruction of the Building Formerly Known as The Berkeley Art Museum.(local).

25 April 2015 Perrin is proud to be co-chair of the Kala Art Institute "Fresh & Local" Spring Gala and Auction.

8 April 2015 Sharon is performing Crazy Famous at The Marsh in SF at 7pm Wednesday 8 April!

February 2015 lunar new year meyer media love: grandma and grandpa in the The New Yorker and perrin in jweekly.(local: tny,jweekly).

3 February 2015 Natural Frequencies UC Berkeley electronic and live carillon spectacular!. (poster).

13 January 2015 Perrin is mentioned in Leah Garchik about his support for the Ai Weiwei @Large "Stay Tuned" (Cell Block A) Sound art piece.

13 October 2014 David Wessel, a true pioneer in electronic music, passed away unexpectedly this morning. CNMAT is planning a memorial concert for November, check the site for details.

11 July 2014 Bay Bridge Climb! (Thanks Ben!!!!)

24 May 2014 SF Chronicle profile John and Helen Meyer: audio mavens with a sound relationship (local)

26 April 2014 I'm honored to have been elected to the board of Kala Art Institute and to help with the awesome Kala 40 Anniversary Auction and Gala

4 December 2013 Polartide will be played live on UC Berkeley's Sather Tower Carillon! txt , pdf ,kqed

18 October 2013 Perrin's Venice Biennale sound art project polartide.org comes to UC Berkeley Worth Ryder Gallery. text.

24 August 2013 Dmitri and the historic first run of our model live steam engine at GGLS. Live Steam Magazine prints a story!

15 August 2013 I help produce a moving living wake for Keith at Terripan Crossroads.

15 July 2013 ecological modernism (props to PHE).

11 April 2013 Murphy R.I.P.

1 April 2013 Perrin is invited to collaborate on an art piece for the Venice Bienalle opening 1 June in Venice, Italy.

26 March 2013 Sharon performs "Second Hand Muse" at Tell It On Tuesday at the Berkeley Marsh.

8 June 2012 Bad news: Leo's Pro Audio in Oakland is going out of business after 56 years. Good News: Perrin gets a fantastic deal on an awesome Fender bass. (fretless) no less. Now its time to take some lessons and then rock out at burning man...

16 May 2012 Perrin's mentors are Dot Earth'd in the New York Times. IIASA. You have not heard of it, but you will.

5 May 2012 Meyer Sound lets restaurant set noise level! FastCompany props. Berkeleyside love. ZAGAT teaser. Gizmodo notices.

27 April 2012 East Bay Monthly puff piece on family business.

20 April 2012 Perrin helps Mickey with a new album.

12 April 2012 Perrin is co-author on a paper that gets cited in a new paper in the New England Journal Of Medicine.. I created the original figure 4. NEJM redrew it for some reason, I think mine looked better.

3 February 2012 Chloe Veltman blogs "An usual maarriage of acoustics and art."

24 January 2012 "Meyer is the best maker of sound equipment here on Earth" -- Bob Weir.

11 January 2012 An accurate snapshot of my friend Reuben's father.

3 December 2011 Nadia decides to come early(!). Amazing ordeal, but all are healthy now.

17 November 2011 mathjax rules: \( \sum_{n=0}^{\infty} \frac{x^n}{n!} \)

23 September 2011 Perrin's Mom wins the annual InfoComm AV Women of the Year.

27 September 2011 Sharon is performing Second-Hand Muse at the Marsh Berkeley.

30 August 2011 Check out Perrin, John H. and Jesse U.'s rocking dome at Burning Man 2011. Many thanks to SteveDood for loaning us his awesome wooden dome.

22 August 2011 Meyer Sound is profiled on BerkeleySide.com

16 August 2011 Perrin deletes his Facebook, Link'ed In, and Twitter accounts. If you can't figure out how to send me an email or call me, I don't want to know you :-). The New Yorker agrees.

July 2011 Sharon will be performing at Monday Night Marsh 11 July and 25 July, 7:30pm

17 May 2011 Perrin's high school buddy Reuben is featured in Wired Video

20 March 2011 Sail on, dear brother Bear, sail on. Meyer Sound pays tribute with Bear's Lab.

March-July 2011 http://www.are-we-there-yet.org/? (Perrin is helping with a cool exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum). And we get some BoingBoing Love. The Artist's opening was a blast. more love. meyer love. ProAV love.

23 December 2010 Perrin loses the chubby challenge (he fails to eat a 32oz cheeseburger and 1lb of fries in 30 minutes at Hot Rod's Diner In Knoxville TN)

22 October 2010 We like our new Canon S90, here is why.

4 August 2010 video of Dmitri drumming at 23 months(!).

31 July 2010 Perrin updates the LogletLab 3.0 Javascript code. It's getting more useful...

24 June 2010 Perrin gives a talk "Computational Acoustics at Meyer Sound" at the VECPAR conference.

19 June 2010 Sharon will perform at The Marsh Theater's 20 anniversary(!)

26 May 2010 A nice glossy vendor newsletter piece featuring Perrin.

25 April 2010 Sharon is quoted in a Buffalo Evening News article about the Buffalo witchcraft trial.

14 April 2010 Sharon performs an excerpt of Second-Hand Muse at The Marsh in SF.

24 March 2010 A cool visualization of a new speaker Perrin helped design. 25 Jan 2013 CAL wins a TEC award.

24 Feb 2010 CERN also reports on the Rhythms of the Universe project.

29 Jan 2010 A cool project Perrin is working on gets slashdotted.

Try Perrin's tasty Halloween 2009 Chilli Con Carne.

On Nov 2, 2009, Sharon performed and excerpt from "Tortured Artist Fanclub" at The Marsh in SF.
A paper Perrin co-authored is blogged on New York Time's Dot Earth. (11 Jan 2008)

October 2007. We welcome our new cat, Steinbeck.

Loglet R.I.P. August 1994 - 25 August 2007

Loglet died after a long, mysterious illness, at home, peacefully. He was the friendliest little cat ever. We will miss him!. Action shots: <1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <8b> <9 <10> <11> <12>

Pictures of our June 2007 trip to Denali National Park, Alaska.

The Gyuto Monks visit MSLI in February 2007: 1, 2, 3, 4,

Perrin, Sharon, Loglet, and Murphy at the 928 Arlington Ave. Berkeley Winter Wonderland, 11 December 2001.

Some Pictures from Christmas 2001 in Hartford, CT.


Even More Pictures of Switzerland 1999 (Perrin, Sharon, Dave, Ruth, Helen, John)

Pictures of Switzerland and Tuscany, 1999 (Perrin, Sharon, Neil, Mary, and Sophia)

Pictures from October 1998 (Our wedding, our honeymoon in Spain, action shots of our cats...).

About Perrin

A short bio, suitable for attribution.

Rockefeller University

My main work is at Meyer Sound. I perform research in all areas of computational acoustics. I am investigating innovative algorithms for multi-channel audio processing. I am also involved in research to improve our ability to model the complete physical behavior of loudspeakers.

In the Spring of 2009 Meyer Sound launched a new Audio Processing Platform " D·Mítri" named after our son Dmitri. I don't know why the product name has an acute accent over the "i". The period between the "D" and "M" makes sense. Digital. This naming follows a Meyer Sound tradition. The MILO loudspeaker is named after my sister Tara's son Milo, and the M'elodie is named after her daughter Elodie. UPM stands for "Ultra Perrin Meyer", and the reason behind the naming is a great story. If you meet me I will be sure to tell you. If I forget to tell you, please remind me. The MTS4A, an under-appreciated loudspeaker, was named after my sister Tara. The HM-1, sadly discontinued, is "Helen Meyer." Thankfully my mom is not discontinued, and continues to be the backbone behind the business and sales strength of Meyer Sound. MICA is a made up name, from a contest at a trade show a while ago. Both D·Mítri and M'elodie started a fun new tradition at Meyer - confusing our ERP system with interesting characters in the official names of products (yes, the apostrophe is an official part of the M'elodie name.) I have not dared to ask how our documentation department handled the dot between the "D" and "M" and the accute accent over the "i". Our future ERP system will handle Unicode characters. Thus, our marketing department can branch out into Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Cyrillic, or even Tifinagh (Berber) letters in product names. As of Unicode 5.1, unsupported alphabets include Egyptian Hieroglyphs, so of course my vote for our next product name is . [2]

Currently I work (very) part-time for the Program for the Human Environment at The Rockefeller University as a research assistant. I am working on a javascript version of Loglet Lab. I hope to complete this before the dawn of the "Web 5.0 Bio-Electrical-Swarm" era, because at that point I would have to design genetically modified llamas to fit loglets, and llamas historically favor Gompertz S-curves.

I am a graduate of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. I have a Master's degree in scientific computing, my thesis was titled "Axisymmetric Acoustic Scattering by Interpolation." The research was published in 2006 in the journal Communications in Computational Physics "On the naturally induced sources for obstacle scattering." (local)(jcp draft). Therefore, I have an Erdos number of 5. Yu Chen was an excellent advisor - tough yet patient. Here is a wordle summary of the research.

I entered the Columbia College Class of '92 as a freshman, studying east asian languages and physics. I switched to SEAS in my (extended) junior year, and graduated in 1993 with a B.S. in Applied Physics. My undergraduate thesis was "The Fractal Dimension of Music." I was inspired by a fascinating professor in the department (John Helm), who taught a seminar on Baysian statistics. John introduced me to Jesse Ausubel, who is one of the most interesting and innovative environmental scientists around. He introduced me to the little-known but amazing research group IIASA in Vienna, where I met and worked with researchers including Cesare Marchetti, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, and Arnulf Gruebler, among many others.

I am a proud graduate of Berkeley High School (class of 1988).

What inspired me to learn math:

javascript (takes a couple of seconds to compute) [1]

or C code
main(){float a,b,u;int n,i,A[81],*p; for(u=1;u<4;u+=0.03){for(*(p=A
+80)='\0';A-p;*--p=32); for(a=0.1;a<1;a+=0.019,A[n]++)for(b=a,i=1;i
(with obfuscated help from J. Helm).

My Mandarin Chinese name:
马 沛 仁
MǍ Pèirén

send me email:

About Sharon:

Check out my new website to learn about my upcoming plays:


My play, Spacegrrls, was performed for three weeks in April 2001 at The Greenwich Street Theater in New York.

send sharon email:

Older Stuff

Some pictures from March 1998, including Perrin, Sharon, Ruth, Dave, Murphy, and Loglet.

Pictures of our cat, Murphy.

The Meyers at Thanksgiving 1997

PICTURES of our Swiss Party, Nov 1997.. We will sort them someday.

A gallery of pictures our friends. .

Our cat, Loglet


Perrin's favorite snack.

The Meaning of Life might actually be 42.

Perrin's favorite Dilberts 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5.

The Meyer family business, Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.

Here are some pictures of a 35 pound(!) Stripped Bass our boat caught of off Martha's Vineyard in October 1997.

Our Sponsor.

Perrin numbers.

main(){int a=3,b=0,c=2,d;printf("%i %i %i ",a,b,c);
while(d<=1276942){d=b+a;printf("%i ",d);a=b;b=c;c=d;}}

Meyer Sound Logo

independent internet radio

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The real truth about Rick Santorum.

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